When does Flex Daily Update?

When does the Flex Daily schedule update the upcoming watering times that are shown on the calendar? I mean the Flex Daily watering schedule is based on weather, soil moisture, etc. So is the schedule updated once a day (if so, what time?) or hourly or what? I do think I read that an hour before a schedule is to run, the weather is checked. But I’m pretty sure it updates at other times as well. Is it possible for the user to force a refresh of the calendar?

If you make a zone setting change, it instantly updates. If you are talking about adjustments based on whether, there is no way to force that, and it will update once a day, and 1 hour prior to scheduled watering.

Do you know what time it will update?

I’ve seen it buried in the community here somewhere, but I don’t remember exactly. It may be midnight-ish, but can’t say for sure.

I think if you disable the controller and re-enable I think it will recheck the weather and update the schedule. I know there were times I thought it shouldn’t be watering the next day due to rain current day so did that to have it recalculate. Could be it’s not refreshing the entire model when you do that, but I can at least say my schedule did update.