What's wrong with my grass?

Folks - I am having an issue with my lawn and thought I’d post here so I can figure out how to best adjust my watering.

I live in suburban Chicago. As you can see via the pictures attached here I have a lawn issue. I’m told it could be “Dollar Spot” or just a lack of water due to this area of stress being located near a tree and on a slope.

Curious to know what you guys think it could be.

Dollar spot could be possible but with the ash grey appearance, it really looks like Fusarium Blite.

I treat lawns all over the place with that fungal disease.

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Could be cut worm of a fungi. Depending how old the house is or the last time any work was done to the house via a contractor do this. Dig a bit of the soil up there…Look at it, smell it, squish in your hands examine it like a soil nerd would… you’d be amazed at what gets buried before landscaping goes in. The carpenters could’ve had their air compressor there and it failed or lost it’s oil right there or even the plumbers might’ve threaded the gas pipe there and failed to place a catch basin or something to prevent soil contamination’s from the cutting oil. If it was lack of irrigation the spot would be bigger and more defined.