What's up with Home Depot regarding Rachio?

I stopped at Home Depot this morning after hearing from a friend that the Rachio IRO is marked down to $199. Are they not going to sell this anymore or has there been a dramatic price drop I’m not aware of?

Hi @Norida, good morning! Thanks for reaching out and sharing this with us.

This is a store level activity. Looks like this box has seen better days :disappointed:

Definitely still a great deal for anyone interested and comes with Rachio’s full warranty since Home Depot is one of our authorized dealers.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

I forgot to mention that I could have bought this for $179.10 with my 10% military discount.

@Norida, thanks for sharing. The Home Depot offers some great discounts, both at a corporate level (military discount) and local store level (such as this store level activity). Never hurts to ask your local retailer(s) what they can offer in terms of discounts :smile: