What's My Soil Type?

I’ve had my Rachio now for over 2 years. I’ve had my soil type set as Loam (based off what Rachio selected during my initial setup) for the entire duration. I’m not totally sure that is a correct selection though. Here’s what websoilsurvey.com says. Should I switch from Loam to Clay?

##### Typical profile

** Ap - 0 to 6 inches: silt loam*
** A - 6 to 13 inches: silt loam*
** Bt - 13 to 19 inches: silty clay loam*
** Btg - 19 to 56 inches: silty clay loam*
** BCg - 56 to 79 inches: silty clay loam*

I guess the answer partly depends on how far down the roots go.

My grass is tall fescue. I’ve seen a wide array of answers on the internet as to how deep fescue roots grow.

Do a Mason Jar test. Very simple. I got my soil completely wrong because of me “presuming” my soil. It meant my grass needed extra manual watering when the system could have done it