What type of soil I have

I’m located in Oakland county Michigan. In the northwest corner. I looked at the map supplied on the rachio website, but it’s not very detailed. And I’d like to be as accurate as possible. Wondering if anyone can help me.

Well, you are best utilizing your address for the soil survey website as there are a boatload of soil types in the whole county…PM me your address if you’d like to dial in more…

For example, I picked a small area in Troy, MI (because Troy is the best name ever…) and it tells me that the soil in this area is sandy loam to loam.

I sent you a private message. I appreciate you digging into this for me. I have since set it to loam, but I’d like to be as accurate as possible

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You can also use THIS resource from USGS.

  1. Define your area of interest.
  2. Go to soil map and there will be a legend tied to a number.
  3. Click on the hyperlink and there is a wealth of information :slight_smile:

Weld County, Colorado, Southern Part

83—Wiley-Colby complex, 3 to 5 percent slopes

Map Unit Setting

  • National map unit symbol: 3644
  • Elevation: 4,850 to 5,000 feet
  • Mean annual precipitation: 12 to 16 inches
  • Mean annual air temperature: 48 to 54 degrees F
  • Frost-free period: 135 to 170 days
  • Farmland classification: Farmland of statewide importance

Map Unit Composition

  • Wiley and similar soils: 55 percent

  • Colby and similar soils: 30 percent

  • Minor components: 15 percent

  • Estimates are based on observations, descriptions, and transects of the mapunit.

Description of Wiley

  • Landform: Plains
  • Down-slope shape: Linear
  • Across-slope shape: Linear
  • Parent material: Calcareous eolian deposits
Typical profile
  • H1 - 0 to 11 inches: silt loam
  • H2 - 11 to 60 inches: silty clay loam
  • H3 - 60 to 64 inches: silty clay loam
Properties and qualities
  • Slope: 3 to 5 percent
  • Depth to restrictive feature: More than 80 inches
  • Natural drainage class: Well drained
  • Runoff class: Low
  • Capacity of the most limiting layer to transmit water (Ksat):Moderately high to high (0.60 to 2.00 in/hr)
  • Depth to water table: More than 80 inches
  • Frequency of flooding: None
  • Frequency of ponding: None
  • Calcium carbonate, maximum in profile: 15 percent
  • Salinity, maximum in profile: Nonsaline to very slightly saline (0.0 to 2.0 mmhos/cm)
  • Available water storage in profile: High (about 11.7 inches)
Interpretive groups
  • Land capability classification (irrigated): 3e
  • Land capability classification (nonirrigated): 4e
  • Hydrologic Soil Group: B
  • Ecological site: Loamy Plains (R067BY002CO)
  • Hydric soil rating: No