What type of nozzle is this?

This isn’t listed in any of the pictures of nozzle types. Is this a rotor? My lawn is covered mainly by these but also by some rotor heads as shown in the pictures. What do I select for zones that are a combination of the two different types?

Impact. It looks like the image came from: http://www.rainbird.com/homeowner/products/impacts/AG5-MaxiPaw.htm

That’s a rain bird mini paw. You’ll have to create a custom nozzle. They average .45 inches per hour at 40psi.


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Thanks guys! Any idea what I should do for zones that have a mixture of those and normal rotor heads? I assume the rates aren’t the same for each so I was just estimating at .65 per hour on lawn zones based on an analysis the the city of boulder did for me. Think I should just use custom nozzles for everything and use that rate?

You may want to combine your different threads into 1 get your questions answered better. If they are both watering the same area, then you would want to take the average of them and create that number as your custom nozzle since theoretically that is the amount of water the area of grass is getting.

@Modawg2k’s suggestion will get you started. If you want to take the next step perform a catch-cup test. If you’re not familiar with it a search for “catch cup” on the forums will help quite a bit. support.rachio.com has some data as well.