What triggers the Rachio Not To Water?

So I have a Gen-2 Rachio and it talks to a PWS in my back yard (I have a cron job that takes the data my PWS sends to Weather Underground and uploads it to PWSWeather.com). There is a 69% chance of rain today in the forecast, yet this morning at 4am, my system started it’s flex watering for a duration of 371 min.

I am curious about the following:

  1. Where does it get it’s forecast data?
  2. What has to be in the forecast to trigger the Rachio not to water?
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Hey @BuddyL33-

We get our forecast data from your selected weather station unless your selected station does not report forecasts. In that case, we go to the nearest national weather station. Another thing to note is we go off of amount of rain, % chance does not have an impact. I hope that helps! If you would like to post the link to your station here, I can check and see if I can see if it is reporting a forecast.

McKynzee :rachio:


In my weather section it shows a forecast

Hey @BuddyL33-

Looks like your forecasted weather is coming from your closest NWS. This may have been the issue. While we display the % chance on your dash, we don’t use that to decide on skipping a schedule or not.

McKynzee :rachio:

What do you use to decide on the skipping? I don’t see forecast data on any of the weather stations (which are like 9+ mi away from me, hence why I use my PWS).

When I log onto my PWS directly I see forecast data on it.

Also what is the criteria for it to actually skip?

So how do I get this feature to work? How do I tell if the forecasting is coming from a weather station vs the NWS so that it works?