What to do if offline for extended period of time

My device lost internet connection, and it is at a 2nd home that I won’t be at for a couple of weeks. It appears that the device ceases to function at all if it has lost connection? That seems illogical, it would be better for it to have some memory of the basic/dumb program and continue to run if the Internet connection is down. I’d rather have it overwater (even if it is raining) than have it not water at all (when it is 90 degrees outside!).

@joeslat‌ The device does have an onboard eeprom chip that stores the last programmed schedules. If the device goes offline it will run the programmed schedules until it is able to reconnect to WiFi. Unfortunately since it is ‘offline’ you will not see watering events happening in the mobile application. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Great, thank you!