What the latest status on Estimated Usage - can I disable it

As mentioned in some of my other posts, I have a autofill for my waterfall. Connected in series with the Rachio and the circuit valve is an electronic sensor that indicates the waterfall basin is full.

What I do is schedule Rachio to run this circuit for an hour when the waterfall is NOT running.

Lately I am seeing days when the system says estimated and it calculates usage for the entire hour period not the real amount that the flow sensor measure which can very greatly depending how how much the waterfall is usaed, and temperature/humidity causing increased evaporation.

As a result my entire water usage total is totally out of whack. Instead of taking 1 or 2 gallons to top off the waterfall, it is aggregating 312 gallons assuming the circuit is pumping water for the entire scheduled time.

What is the point of the this estimating and what are the conditions it happens? Is the server not available?

If you’re referring to the Rachio wireless flow sensor, it isn’t continually measuring the flow. It only does so at the the time that the system pressurizes, so it wouldn’t know that the flow was disabled throughout periods of that one hour period that you scheduled.

I have a hard wired CST flow sensor. There does not seem to be any clear indication as to why it would say estimated vs actual sometimes.