What soil Type should I use for Sandy Clay Loam

Hello, I have a Gen 2 and I have recently received back my soil test results and they indicate that I have Sandy Clay Loam soil type but my choices are either Sandy Loam or Clay Loam…which one do I use??
Thank you!

I’m sure you’ll get varied response and their reasons why… I’ll just give you my input.

I would choose “sandy loam”, the reason as it will water a little more frequently and you can dial in then from there.

The clay properties would hold more retention, however are secondary in the soils analysis and matrix.


Yeah, I set it to Sandy Loam for the same reasons you listed. I have recently started amending my soil pH with elemental sulfur and I’m wondering how that will affect the clay properties. I figured that if it was set to sandy loam that it would account for less water retention?

When you say I could dial it in from the sandy loam setting, which setting would you suggest changing?
Thank you for your input!

There are many landscape site variables. The advantage of Rachio and it’s software in a nutshell;

is a unique palate full of plant, soil, geology, geography , and weather applications.

Peruse, this forum for ton’s of answers to your specifics as you only asked what choice’s would one select for a soil type overall.

Yes, you are correct sandy soils retain less moisture.

Keep us posted as to your landscape and you can PM me.

Thanks and congratz!