What soil type for Shale Rock


Hi All I have essentially shale rock under my entire yard. Very little dirt/soil. What setting for soil type would I use?



If the shale drains I would probably use the sand (coarse) setting. Hopefully you have least 8-10 inches of topsoil. Sounds like a difficult scenario.


Unfortunately I donte hae 8-10 inches of topsoil. Its more like 2-3 inches and in some areas 4". I have a lot of slopes and so the topsoil with rain runs down. Many areas are just red shale with “grass” growing in it. So if its just rocky, is sand the best choice?


My first reaction was to say you cannot expect long-term success of turf on only two or three inches of soil. If you dump loads of topsoil on top of any native trees you will kill them. Where do you live? How did the contractor trench poly or PVC with no soil?


One thing you can do is to topdress your lawn once or twice a year with compost or a good topsoil. Normal root depth for cool season grasses like fescue and bluegrass is six to eight inches.