What’s in it for the Savvy’s

Soooo does this smart hose timer integrate with the Rachio controller? Will it at some point? What a great way to add valves to in hard to reach or get a irro cables to. Wouldn’t that be awesome to not run another irrigation wire? Do it all Bluetooth and wifi?
I sure hope that’s the goal at some point but as for now this cool device is a stand alone unit and doesn’t come with all the data entry from an advanced users menu nor has to mesh its schedules.
So what is the purpose of this valve to us veteran users of Rachio controllers?

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The following is how things stand right now. I do not know if it will change in the future. The Timer connects to the Hub through Bluetooth and the Hub connects through Wi-Fi. You can access it with the Rachio app. The Rachio Controller is another device in the app.

I believe the Timer would mostly be used by those without in-ground sprinklers or those that have areas that they water by hand / hose. One person here in the Community has talked about use them in raised beds where no power or sprinkler wires exists.

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In my case, I’ll be using it to water my front yard native garden every couple of weeks in the early summer mornings (prevent evaporation) while I’m sleeping. As natives to my area’s climate they don’t need precise watering, thus the no fuss simpler scheduling of the hose timer will work fine.



@Thomas_Lerman and @Kubisuro have some good use cases for the hose end timer. A lot of people don’t have inground systems (like me! :wink: ) that need to still water. It could be trees, gardens, shrubs, pools, etc. I think most people on the East coast do not have inground systems. Also, the rest of the world doesn’t really have irrigation systems like the US.

As for integrated into the Rachio controller, well maybe someday! :smile:


Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I’m using mine to water plants on a patio. I was just hoping that it integrated with the other schedules on my Rachio controller. Not a deal breaker but an expensive hose end timer for sure.

Exactly my application. Since my controller-driven stations are all flow-measured through the Rachio controller (and subject to irrigation control on a separate meter for the bureaucrats), and it’s hard to flow-meter a drip station accurately, and all of my sensitive drip watering requirements have a hosebib nearby, the Rachio device is becoming my favorite drip, soaker hose or ad hoc control. It is configured and controlled from my phone, can be set up like, opposite, or different than my sprinklers, handles rain skips, can be disabled - all from the phone. I’m a fan. (And… the hub/controller connection is so far, solid.)


The whole intention of this valve’s creation was to integrate with the controller and act as a wired valve. So I thought…. There’s no advanced data input as my other zones are and it’s scheduling can run in to a schedule from the controller which reduces water pressures and sprinkler coverage. Rachio will you please make it so the smart valve is recognized as a wired valve and has zone values?