What rain sensor are people using?


Since my home precipitation tends to be fairly different from that at my nearest weather station, I’ve been considering getting a rain sensor. I found the list of supported sensors, but I’m curious if there are any particular models that people have been using and found to work particularly well. Is there a consensus on the models to use?


I’ve been using Netatmo. There are other regular weather stations but I like the fact that my rain, outdoor temperature, and humidity sensor, and wind gauge are all very clean looking instead of the traditional style. It also has an app to monitor it. My only grip is the outdoor temperature and humidity sensor needs to be mounted under a roof as it is not fully waterproof but if you really want you can get a 3d printed housing that is posted on the internet. It is very easy to set up. I share mine with my neighbors. Once you set up you have to link it to a PWSWeather using the instructions at http://support.rachio.com/article/350-netatmo. Then just choose your weather station in Rachio.


Hi–I used the Toro rain sensor that was part of my original set-up (also a Toro). Plugs in the same way and worked the first time.


I’ve used the Orbit 57069 Rain and Freeze sensor and mounted it to my gutter in 5 minutes. So far it has worked well in Florida weather.


I use a Hunter Rain-Click , hard wired , mounted on fascia board works great .


Here’s another vote for Toro. I’ve been using the Toro TRS mounted to a gutter near my Iron and it has performed well. Simple to wire in as well.


I use a rain bird wireless with freeze detection. I mounted ted the wireless sensor on the gutter and the receiver next to the Rachio.


Just note that a rain sensor will only stop the system from watering when it is triggered. You do get the option to adjust the level of sensitivity to when it gets triggered (I have mine at 3mm). They are ok but not as good as full precipitation data which is why @bugs30 was mentioning a weather station. I’ve seen scenarios where it has rained, the sensor has dried out and it has still watered. Rachio has no information to interpret from a rain sensor, it doesn’t know how much rain fell and thus it just stops watering whilst it is active. I use a RainBird CPRSDBEX Wired Rain Sensor.


@mikewhitton is right and I forgot to clarify. I no longer use a typical rain sensor because all it does at best is delay watering. You mentioned getting precip data which is why I mentioned Netamo. I switched because it favors in more than short term rain but all the other factors to more accurately determine soil moisture. This way you are not only not overwatering when the soil is soaked but that the watering frequency can increase automatically as your evaporotranspiration changes.


Are you saying that if I where to install a rain sensor it would stop rachio from rain delay from weather data, or would both work, or a soil moisture sensor for that matter


I was referring to a personal weather station which would be your weather data and still includs any rain delays. You could use a traditional rain sensor as well. It would mainly just speed up the reaction time to turning off the system if it happens to rain. Soil moisture sensors are a little tricky at the moment as they aren’t directly supported. You could treat it like an on/off sensor like the rain sensor directly wired, or via IFTTT using V2 controller but functionality is limited.


I use a PWS about 2.5 miles away from my house – that is pretty good for figuring how much rain I got most of the time. I don’t have a good place for a PWS in my yard, so that’s why I continue to use the one further away. I also use a Hunter Mini-Clik rain sensor at my house. With a little adjustment, it’s been pretty good at staying activated until it’s time for one of the zones to think about watering again (I use flex daily and LOVE it!).


Sorry to jump into an old thread but I just installed my own Netatmo weather station. I used one before so happy with it. However, I just added a rain gauge to it and I am a bit confused,…maybe it is a silly question but will not the sprinklers confuse it and force it to report more rainfall? Where have you installed yours? I am guessing at the gutter?