What Rachio needs

Rachio should have diagnostics that has feed back of a selonoids voltage draw to determine if it’s going bad or not working due to a short or in need to be replaced, also it should work on default mode if no wifi signal is available.

I have thought of this issue myself regarding no internet connectivity. I don’t believe that the iro will run a previously scheduled watering cycle without an internet connection. Especially since it has no data to run on like weather forecast or Day and Date.This is a sore spot for most of the people that I tell about my iro.

Can someone clarify if the iro does run a default watering cycle? Even if it waters in the rain at least then we have an additional clue that it is offline.

It is a small issue but when people tell me that this is a problem for them I usually tell them it is not like the iro is running your life support machine. But it would be nice to know that it would do some form of default program in the event of an internet outage. However being a technician myself I don’t believe that it can be done without changing the current hardware.

The Iro actually stores all of your fixed schedules and will run as normal without internet connectivity. The only thing you won’t benefit from is weather intelligence. (i.e. rain delay, water budgeting). Even if internet goes out, Iro is power cycled, it still has access to your fixed schedules.

For flex schedules and their dynamic nature, we store a backup copy of the flex schedule on the device and default it to a 2 or 3 day fixed schedule, just in case the Iro is disconnected for over a day, we will still water on a fixed schedule, just in case the internet has not come back for a couple of days.

Hope this helps.


@traviski, we auto send an automated email anytime your Iro has been offline for 24 hours.

Out of curiosity, was this a concern from a friend/neighbor, or your landscaper?

@SuperSmith, great idea. We do not currently have this level of diagnostics, but we can usually determine if you have a short by looking at your activity feed and if your Iro goes offline during the middle of a watering schedule.

I am a technician, and I do my own grass:).I do however brag about all the cool technology that I have installed in my home and I tend to show it off. The newest is my iro so it was just a question that came up in discussion while showing off the iro. Now I can tell those concerned about loss of connectivity that it will still run. I did brag to the installer that he could access my iro from a browser and he just said “No need I will just operate the valves manually”. He was impressed with the setup and controle though and may recommend these controllers to his customers,

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@traviski, thanks for spreading the word, we appreciate it :smile:

Did a friend tell you about Rachio? We’d love to know how you (and others) first heard about us.

We’re looking for awesome installers. If anyone knows of any (or if you are open), please apply online and our Pro team will follow up with you.

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