What PWS is my Rachio using?

Something odd is going on and I can’t figure it out. I have my Rachio set to use PWS KNCCHARL689. In the Weather Intelligence Plus settings for my weather station it shows as KNCCHARL689. When I look at moisture details it shows KNCCHARL689 is being used. Yet I got an email from Rachio on Saturday that says

“Rachio has found a new station, KNCCHARL689, only 0.19 mi away from your controller, Linnea N. Gen 3 Ra…!

Your current station, KNCMATTH8, is 0.86 mi away from your controller.”

And again on Sunday I got another email from Rachio that wanted me to switch to KNCMATTH118 and that my current station is KNCMATTH8. The only place KNCMATTH8 is only showing as the active station is in these emails, not on the app.

I know that if a PWS goes offline, Rachio will automatically switch you to another PWS. I got this email back on May 7.

“Your previous weather station, KNCCHARL689, has not reported data since Tuesday, May 4 02:14 PM (EDT). Your controller is now connected to KNCMATTH118, the nearest weather station currently reporting data.”

When I got this I switched my PWS to KNCMATTH8 because I know that KNCMATTH118 is reporting bad precipitation totals. When I got an email from Rachio on May 9 that KNCCHARL689 was working again, I switched back to KNCCHARL689 in the app.

At this point, I don’t know which weather station it’s using. The last time we had rain was on May 12, and neither KNCCHARL689 or KNCMATTH8 is showing any data on WeatherUnderground for that date (I think that’s another unrelated problem).

Has anybody else had this problem? Any ideas of what’s going on or how to fix it?

Why my station has been dropped by Rachio? Yes. Where it thinks you’re /not/ using your PWS, even though you are, and wants to switch? No.