What is value or part number of “F1” on controller main board?

My Gen 2 controller was broken due to over current power supply and now I am trying to fix it by myself. On main board, the “F1” component connecting to power input was burned so a replacement might rescue my controller. Does anyone know what is the value or part number for that “F1”?

Wow, what happened? I’ll be happy to help, but the fuse doesn’t blow by itself, the current flowing through it went somewhere, so it’s a good idea to find what else is blown.
Do you have a multimeter? What is the impedance across MV1?

Thanks GENE, there was nothing else blown as I tried short the 2 sides of the F1, and the main board can be lit and works normally. I assume if I simple short that could solve the problem but might not be good for long term, that’s why I was trying to find a replacement of F1.

I cannot quick read the numbers & letters on the top of the component. Is it possible to focus & zoom a little more.

Do you have any way to measure the size of the part, width and length. Mostly the length is important, as it needs to fit between old pads.

This is the exact part used in the design:
MF-SM075-2 Bourns Inc. | Circuit Protection | DigiKey

075 gives away the size & rating, the number beneath is the date code (record of when the part was made).


Bravo! Thanks.