What is the right soil type for Round rock, TX?

I have my zones set to Loam which is default. I set the grass type to warm weather grass. We have St. Augustine grass.
Wondering what soil type I should use for a home in Round Rock, TX.

I would try starting here…this might help determine what you have.


This thread also has some good information on choosing a soil type.


@Videoguy, I recommend the Mason Jar test. It’s simple, easy and cheap. The problem with most USGS reports is they only track native soils. Any sort of soil prep done with your landscaping is not captured.

Hope this helps.

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I live in Highland Village, TX (Denton County) and it seems we have Silty Clay there. Most important is that it is some sort of Clay we have. Not sure if Round Rock is much different


I’m in Pflugerville (near PHS) and have it set to “Clay Loam”. I started with “Silty Clay” but found that Rachio was calculating soil moisture too high, comparing it to what I physically observe. The native soil may be silty clay but the builder had trucked in Colorado river topsoil, and I have amended the soil quite a few times over the years.

What are some cross streets near you? Have you checked the NRCS Web Soil Survey site? RR likely has similar soil to PF but I know some areas of RR are stonier.