What is Saturation Skip based on?

I received a message that my schedule was skipped due to “Weather Intelligence that calculated my soil had enough saturation.” What is it using to determine? Local weather data?


Basic FAQ

How does Saturation Skip work?

Saturation Skip uses evapotranspiration data (ET data) from observed weather and forecasts to calculate the soil moisture balance in your soil. In other words, it knows how many “miles” your lawn’s “gas tank” has left and if you can make it to the next gas station comfortably.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Weather check.
    One hour before a scheduled watering time, Rachio will perform a weather check to see if any of the Weather Intelligence skips can be triggered
  2. Zone calculations.
    Saturation Skip makes a simple calculation for each zone in a schedule that checks to see if the observed and forecasted weather will maintain the moisture requirements of a zone until the next scheduled watering.
  3. Saturation Skip issued (if applicable).
    If this calculation is positive for all zones in the schedule, then Rachio will issue a Saturation Skip. If the calculation is negative for any zone in the schedule, then Rachio will not issue a Saturation Skip.

How far into the future can Saturation Skip predict?

Saturation Skip will track weather data for the last 7 days and forecast 7 days into the future (14 day window). If you have a schedule interval longer than 7 days into the future, Saturation Skip will be disabled.

How can I activate Saturation Skip?

Saturation Skip is automatically activated in Flex Daily schedules , as this feature is critical for maximum water savings, and cannot be deactivated with this schedule type.

Saturation Skip is an optional Weather Intelligence feature on both Flex Monthly and Fixed schedule types. To activate or deactivate Saturation Skip in these schedule types, find the “Schedules” section via the “Irrigation” tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the app. Select your chosen Flex Monthly or Fixed schedule, then scroll down to and select “Weather Intelligence.” From here, you can check or uncheck the Weather Intelligence features as you would like them to apply to your schedule.

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