What is on tap for next year?

Hello tech team! Just curious if you could give us some insight on to some of the new features and goodies you guys plan to work on over the winter. Would be awesome to get us excited for spring!

@utemorley2012, we were just talking about spring features…you must have heard us :wink:

We’re still bouncing a few ideas around, but we have some fun stuff planned for the spring! Out of curiosity, what are the top 3 feature requests on your wish list?

I’m very hopeful for an iPad app

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I’d like to see more precision in establishing the flow rates for each zone. For example, using the Orbit catch cups to measure actual watering rates, then entering that data for calculating watering times.


I’d like to see full HomeKit support in hardware and software.


I am really hopeful for moisture sensor support at some time. Also a simpler way to calculate zone efficiency would be nice but I have no idea how you could pull that off.

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top three features for me are iPad layout (adopt size classes in app), and any kind of “setup wizard” on helping guess/pick correct heads & flow rate, and maybe area (pull up satellite view of landscape, draw a shape on top, a lot of solar estimators on the web do this)

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Integration with Vera Home Control and native iPad app.

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iPad app, HomeKit and flowrate though app or additional sensor.


Am about to receive my first Iro and install and will eventually have 3 installed in total.

What I would like to see:
+Current list of hardware (flow sensor, soil monitor etc) successfully integrated within the product (via community et.al)
+All Iro’s operating in a mesh (whether hardware/software defined) and have smarts to determine if any watering schedule conflicts amongst the mesh.
+iPad app

  • For those using tank/well water with pump
    • User defined water source i.e 10,000litres tank
      - Iro then have ability to track the usage (i.e. 20% available of tank capacity)
      - Alternatively integrate with an electronic tank sensor
  • User defined water pressure test result
    - e.g. it takes me 30second to fill a 9litre bucket and I have 50psi pressure
    - Iro can then determine, based on sprinkler head type/configuration, best optimisation for watering schedules
  • PWS
    • ability to utilise multiple PWS (within 10km of my location) to triangulate if rain current/forecast prior to watering schedules
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Rain sensor status shown

Times reported correctly when using smart cycles (this is probably more a critical fix than a feature for me).

I would like to see them add an “end date”. For the sprinkler schedules there is a begin date, but no end date. In many areas like mine there are fixed days you can water and they are seasonal so I wish I could set it to automatically stop of the summer schedule as an example on August 31 and then start the Fall Schedule on Sept 1 as an example. So a start and end date with using the year.

+1 for the addition of an End Date!

I’m still hoping that the Rachio Iro will complete its integration with SmartThings as originally planned…
Iro is the only smart device that I can’t use with SmartThings YET… Hoping for integration this coming Spring!

Ditto on HomeKit. Won’t make the purchase until it’s a feature.

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Awesome ideas everyone! Thank you for sharing them with us. Please keep adding to the list if you think of any others. For anyone with more then 1 feature request, please list them in order of importance to you.

  1. Soil sensors
  2. Soil sensors
  3. Soil sensors
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  1. Soil Sensors
  2. Easier Zone Efficiency
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@utemorley2012, could you clarify this request a bit for us? Zone efficiency is based upon the performance & placement of the heads on a zone by zone basis. Are you recommending an easier way to adjust this value?

Thanks, Emil

end date
soil sensors
Home kit