What is eta of Version 2?

I just ordered an 8 zone system and have heard that Version 2 is going to be the bomb while doing reading here. It was suggested that it was coming out this month. Just hopeful it gets out soon when my system arrives this week from Amazon. Glad to see that it looks like I made the right decision to get rid of my antiquated controller that was starting to malfunction. I plan to use it on my well.

@critter Software version 2.0 will be out in May, so right around the corner :wink:

v2.0 will have some exciting new features, but the current app (v1.x) works great.

Here is a shortlist of new features we will be releasing with v2.0.

  • simple, powerful remote control
  • easier navigation
  • centralized dashboard
  • Upload photo for each zone
  • Choose your preferred weather station
  • Expand/collapse watering/watered schedules
  • Actionable events. One tap feature to skip schedules, or not skip schedules. Much more transparent way to relay information and allow you to override any predetermined watering decisions.
  • There are also a lot of other items that are going in to improve the overall user experience.

The feature I’m most excited about is the concept of flex schedules which is explained here:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.




I have not started system yet. Buddy is going to put in a new pump relay/master valve since its been making a humming noise since I started it this spring. I took off the old Hunter Pro C controller and labeled all the wires. I wired up all the wires to the control box except for the MV wire since I did not want to activate at this time. I hooked up to my wifi without difficulty. I went on laptop and noticed it set all 8 of my zones to 10 minutes. I saved my previous watering schedule that worked for my yard, I take it I should use that schedule? I had 3 extra wires coming from the wall that my buddy says goes to a remote unit for when it is serviced. Overall easy install. I went ahead and plugged a surge protector into the single gang outlet that the controller will plug into. I can’t wait to get it started.

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Wow we just finished replacing the pump start solenoid and started the new system. Works great with my iPhone 6Plus and my mac laptop. Just need to explore the different actions in the app and from the computer. I don’t understand how someone can use an archaic controller anymore. Thanks a bunch, hope it holds up.

@critter Awesome, let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


Franz, will the well saver option be included in 2.0?. This is the option to add a delay between zones to allow our wells to recover? Awhile ago you’d said that it’d make the new release but it wasn’t listed oh your short list. Thank you.

@Steub It won’t be in 2.0 but is in our software backlog. After 2.0 is released we are going to review the backlog and re-prioritize features. For 2.1 I’ll be sure to give the community a list of features coming out. We have a lot of requests in our backlog, it’s just figuring out which ones are a higher priority.

I’m even thinking of having people vote on new features, we’ll see if that is feasible.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Thank you for the fast response. Not having a well saver feature is a hindrance towards getting more customers since many of us with wells require this feature. So putting this up for a vote with existing customers that are going to ask for other nice-to-have features isn’t going to work. I guess if the developers are on city water or have a artisan well, it’s hard to understand the requirement for what is a basic feature of existing commercial offerings. Thanks again.

Dang, already bought the Iro assuming there would be a delay option between zones. How hard would this be to program?

Will I be able to create a custom schedule that would allow me to build in delays? If not, I need to return the Iro soon.

Hi @mflinn, good morning.

Yes, this is possible now. If you email me on support (support@rachio.com), we can review your system setup and get you setup. If it’s okay with you, we can post the final schedule here for others to reference.

Thanks, Emil

Great, thank you. I will most likely start up my irrigation and install Iro this weekend.

Hi @mflinn, sounds like a plan. Our support team is online 7 days a week. Call or email us if you need help with your startup or Iro installation.

Best, Emil

This a great addition! Very useful Franz. Thank you.