What is best way to determine if sprinkler ran today?

Via Rachio public API, I want to check at end of day if sprinklers ran today (might not be scheduled, maybe skipped today, or yes they ran)? Do I need to got through the current schedule to see what is supposed to happen? Or, just look at notifications to see if ran or skipped, if not then assume ‘no’.

Can I check history (not of notifications) of precipitation or precipitation history thru Rachio? I think it keeps the past 7 days history to calculate soil soak levels.

You should be able to retrieve the events for the day using this endpoint.


I am getting zero events returned (an empty set), I tried today and the past two days. Zones have run each of the past three days & I got event notifications on my phone.

My url error correction says request is ok, no server errors. Other Device commands return data as expected.


User error: I needed to multiple the timestamp by 1000 to get milliseconds. Now it’s working.

Now, I’ll start paring through the events. Thanks again.