What is a favorite brand of master valve to buy?

I need to install a master valve so what are your favorite brands to buy?

I do not have a master valve although I do kind of wish that I did. I would be wrong, but my thinking is that a master valve is the same as a regular valve. What is your favorite valve (mine are Hunter)?

A master valve doesn’t have to be anything different than your standard valves.

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I ordered a motorized brass master ball valve today. I wanted something more substantial than a regular plastic zone valve since it’s going to be inside the basement where theres more room and ease to install it. I ordered one from Amazon. Nothing was available in Des Moines. Here’s the link to the valve I ordered: Motorized Ball Valve- 1" Brass Ball Valve with Standard Port, 9-24V DC and 2 Wire Reverse Polarity by U.S. Solid Amazon.com

I worked with Hunter valves as a gardener for a wealthy family. I liked them and never had any trouble with Hunter’s. At my house I have Richdel valves that are wearing out. Three Richdel valves I have replaced with Orbit valves and a new manifold. I really like the Orbit valves. They have been problem free for three years.

What I see as an issue is that the motorized ball valve takes DC instead of AC! Other than that, it looks like a good valve.

In other words, I believe most, if not all, current controllers including Rachio use 24V AC

I don’t know…I’m pretty sure I’ve seen posts of people using these types of valves and Rachio returning a zone fault because they require to much power to operate.

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There are different types of U.S. one inch ball valves. I can’t tell by the description of the one you bought but don’t think it’s the right model. Our panels only send out electricity to open all valves including the master valve. Electricity is cut off to let the valves all automatically turn off including the master valve because it’s a magnetic valve like each zone valve. This U.S. valve you want is Motorized Ball Valve- 1" Brass Ball Valve with Standard Port, 9-24V DC and 2 Wire Reverse Polarity by U.S. Solid. Reverse Polarity are the key words in the title and description. I know because I bought the wrong one first and returned it to amazon to get the Reverse Polarity model. If you did get the RP one and it gives you trouble it may be defective… Send me your model number if you need more help to determine what you have if you want to…

You are correct. There are normally open, and normally closed actuators and solenoids. In the case of these valves that OP was looking to use is that they require more power to operate than Rachio can deliver in order to function, which usually results in a zone fault error returned by Rachio.

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Again, the valve I use is not a solenoid valve that draws a lot of power as it is constantly drawing power whether open or closed. The one I use is. Is magnetic valve, only a 24volt that draws power to open and shuts off power to shut it off. It uses very little power. Plus the regular plastic hunter would work in my climate in northern USA. But again I wanted something more dependable so I went with the one inch 24 volt ball valve to be the U.S. Solid master valve, rather than a diaphragm plus plastic body controlled Hunter, Toro or like valve to be the master valve inside my basement, that’s made of brass connected to copper pipe to have lessen leaks through the outdoor system and have peace of mind with this $40 plus metal valve over a $17plus 24 volt plastic irrigation valve in my finished basement. Our winter temperatures can get down to -20• Fahrenheit that already gives enough stress on my plastic bottles outside even after the the water blown out for the winter in the fall. Location matters to me in extreme climates. But to each their own.

Again this is the 24 volt valve I use and it’s never caused error codes but works perfectly fine.

Motorized Ball Valve- 1" Brass Ball Valve with Standard Port, 9-24V AC/DC and 2 Wire Auto Return Setup by U.S. Solid https://a.co/d/3Sba5VW