What happens after watering triggered from API call?


If I setup a Flexible Daily Schedule that will water a specific zone tomorrow, and then tell Rachio to water that zone now through either the API or IFTTT will Rachio figure out it needs to skip tomorrows watering since it just watered?

I am looking to add some moisture sensors to my system that will report into Home Assistant. If they go below a specific moisture level I will have Home Assistant call my Rachio to start a water, but I am not sure from the documentation or what I have read on the forum is the Rachio will be smart enough to adjust its schedule.

Anyone know? Anyone done similar?



Hey @TheOncomingStorm-

Your flex schedule will adjust accordingly if your zone is manually run via some API integration. Does that help? Want to make sure I am not confused about your question.



Hey @mckynzee, yes, that does answer my question.

It seemed like this was the case, but I didn’t find the documentation to be clear. I saw your page on moisture sensors and it got me wondering if I should pick up some Edyn sensors, but I am not sure the company is doing well. So I will likely build some and I wanted to verify before putting the time in.



Hey @TheOncomingStorm-

I have an Edyn sensor that I have not had a huge amount of success with, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you. Build your own? That sounds pretty awesome! You should share some pictures if you end up going that route :slight_smile:

McKynzee :rachio: