What field indicates the controller has been paused

What JSON field indicates that the controller has been paused?

Trying to determine controller state and which zone might be running when the processor is rebooted and the Crestron Home extension is reloaded.

Thanks in advance…


Are you referring to the following?

GET /public/device/:id  

@Thomas thanks for responding.

I realize that it shows in the documentation there is a “pause” field, however it is not being returned in the JSON.

From what I can see I am requesting the correct ID based on the documentation and the device data returned in /public/person/:id

Again thanks for responding

This is what is being returned and the “paused” field is missing (removed the zone info for brevity)
“createDate”: 1619464912000,
“id”: “701b8eec-530a-42dc-94df-f3ac3704885f”,
“status”: “ONLINE”,
“zones”: [
“timeZone”: “America/Chicago”,
“latitude”: 35.9620901,
“longitude”: -85.0649388,
“name”: “36 Hawthorn Loop”,
“scheduleRules”: [],
“serialNumber”: “AC0604372”,
“rainDelayExpirationDate”: 0,
“macAddress”: “58D50ABB11B2”,
“on”: false,
“flexScheduleRules”: [],
“model”: “GENERATION3_16ZONE”,
“scheduleModeType”: “MANUAL”,
“deleted”: false,
“rainSensorTripped”: false,
“homeKitCompatible”: false,
“utcOffset”: -18000000