What do you think of this new weatherstation?

For those of you who own personal weather station(s) or those with experience with PWS, what do you think of this upcoming product ? Real deal or just a hype ?



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Good question. My first impression is that those products look great. Hopefully, they perform as well as they look. The rain sensor with no moving parts is a heck of an upgrade over most of the sensors out there. I’ll do some more digging to see if I can find anything else out about these products.


The SKY sensor array is extremely reasonable in price, especially considering the ultrasonic anemometer and haptic rain sensor. It makes my expensive Davis equipment look primitive in comparison. I’m anxious to see if it is reliable, accurate, and comes with software to archive the data. Rachio, take note!

Uh yea, I’m really fired up about this. Plus it is solid state, even better!

To know if I could ditch my wr2 would be very valuable