What do you do with your controller in the offseason

I’m wondering what the folks in areas where you would shut your system down for the winter do with your controller?

You just put it in standby mode? Do you turn it off altogether?

I just unplug mine. No need in it running until spring. Save some electricity and usage of the controller. Maybe help make it last longer.

I put it in the standby mode first then, after I get tired of looking at the light in my garage, I just unplug it until spring. The servers keep all my schedules and zone information so when I power it up in the spring it takes off as if nothing happened.

Hey friends :slight_smile:

We recommend you keep the controller plugged in but on Standby Mode so any firmware updates that come through over the winter season are seamlessly updated. There can be some missed updates when the controller is plugged back in months later.


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Will it not update to current firmware when plugged back in ?

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I put it in standby and leave it plugged in. Not so much for firmware, but in the hopes the minor electricity running through it prevents some moisture buildup over winter in our garage. :man_shrugging:t3:

I leave it on as falls and winters can be very dry in California and my fruit trees trees need some water even if some are dormant. Flex Daily rocks.

Thank you. I guess I’ll leave it in stand by till spring.

If the light barthers you, you don’t have to unplug it.You can turn the light off in the controller setting menu…You can choose off, low or normal…

We live in a part of the country that gets 45° below at times. We were advised by Raccio to not only unplug it but disconnect it and put it into a warmer area for the winter. We now (several years later)have it housed in an insulated shed where we keep it, but we certainly do unplug it for the winter.

Hey @liv4muddin-

It will update when you plug back in, so if you would prefer to unplug it’s no big deal. That being said, we do tactfully plan firmware updates for the offseason because VERY occasionally (less than 1% of the time) your controller can get knocked offline in a specific way that prevents offline schedules from running. When this happens, we contact customers and help them resolve the issue, but we prefer this to happen when temperatures are a little cooler than in the dead of summer. If you unplug and then replug in at the beginning of the season, you may run into this issue when watering is more important.

Hope this helps