What do people select for cedar hedges?


I am looking for some recommendations regarding what type of plant I should use for my cedar hedges. I have entered them as shrubs (with no customization) but the watering frequency seems to be too low. It does water them for a long time but it’s infrequent and the decline rate is quite low.

On my old, dumb, system I had them set to be watered every third day. Now it looks to be about every 7 days (daily flexible). I don’t want to make a mistake as I could kill all my cedars…




First if they are Eastern Red Cedar, I would cut them to the ground and plant an attractive plant like Nellie Stevens Holly. Cedars are a dangerous fire hazard. Huge water hog and huge source of noxious pollen.
Ask anyone from Texas or Oklahoma about cedars. We hate them.
But if they are junipers, arborvitae or Leyland cypress, i would set them as shrub. All have a very shallow and opportunistic root system.

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Tell us how you really feel @robertokc :joy: :joy: :joy:

I dont like cedars as you can see. If i could have a full time job cutting down all the cedars in Oklahoma I would be very happy as can be! :smiley:

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I agree they are not the best but they are what we have (emerald). They were bone dry when I checked yesterday. I upped the crop coefficient. It seemed to help - I’ll keep monitoring closely as this is the first hot spell since I installed the system. Anyone else out there have values for cedar hedges?

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Emerald cedar, aka as white cedar or arborvitae is not a bad hedge. They are not a pest like eastern red cedar. Once established they do not have a high water requirement. I would select shrub as the plant and use a coefficient of .6. That should do the trick. Make sure you use the correct precipitation rate for your sprinklers. I do not know if you shared which sprinkler you are using. These plants do not have a deep root system like other shrubs. Try a custom root depth of 12 inches.

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