What did we do wrong

We installed our new controller yesterday. It also rained yesterday a lot. This morning we found out that our sprinklers went off for 4 hours early in the morning. It auto detected a weather station right behind our house. We don’t have a rain sensor, it blew off the house in a storm and never found it. We thought this system used other data so we wouldn’t need it. Please help. We are not tech savvy

@Angie21 - welcome to the community. Here are some things to consider:

  1. What type of schedule was created? I think Fixed is probably better to start off with. A Flex schedule will water to full depth the first time as it doesn’t know how much available water is in the soil.

  2. Was the rain storm unforcasted or more than what was forecasted? Rachio depends on weather forecasts, so if the forecast didn’t call for the rain, then Rachio wouldn’t have taken it into account.

  3. Does the selected weather station report rain? Some personal weather stations (PWS) don’t report precipitation. If the selected weather station (look at the station on wunderground, etc.) doesn’t have rain then choose a NWS station or a nearby station with a similar climate that does report precipitation.

  4. The rain skip was set too high. Least likely.

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Thank you for answering me. The rain was forecasted and the pws does record precipitation. So not sure what’s going on

One day is a short time for an automated system to “settle down”. Depending on what schedule type is i use, it can water a lot extra at first, possibly requiring more than the forecast or actual rain you received. I’d give it a bit more time. But if you want to investigate further, it would be good to know the schedule and zone settings.

Please post your “more detail” portion of the zone soil moisture. Be sure that it includes the day in question.