What actions cancel a zone's manual Quick Run?

I’ve been trying to do a 1-hour quick run on a zone from the Android app on my phone. It starts fine but cancels after a few minutes. I didn’t click the Cancel button. What other actions can cause a zone Quick Run to be cancelled? For example, will changing a zone’s soil type cancel a quick run in progress?

Not sure if it was a cancel but maybe Rachio was doing a “soaking” period where it stopped watering temporarily, leading you to believe that it was canceled?

I just tried changing the zone’s soil type and it did not cancel my Quick Run. Other than the possibility that @jtuber mentioned, the only thing that I can think of at the moment would be if you started another zone. I might suggest looking at the “More | History” to see if it provides any extra useful information. It would show you whether it got stopped or completed. Either case, it will show you how long it ran for.

More | History just shows that Quick Run was started for 60 minutes. 18 minutes later is says that Quick Run was manually stopped. I didn’t stop it.

I started a 2-hour Quick Run run this morning of the same zone. It’s running - I can hear it and see the blue light on my Gen1 controller. But when I left the phone app and re-entered, that zone and the controller icon do not show that any watering is taking place.

I had a similar problem a couple weeks ago. Start a manual run of my drip system using the web app. Decided to divide a plant while the system was running and accidentally popped off an emitter (39 minutes into a 74 minute run). Wanted to stop it, but COULD not do it from my phone!! My iPhone app didn’t even register that the system was running a zone. I managed to stop it by starting another Quick Run, and it then asked me if I wanted to stop the one in progress. But I was never able to see the active running on the iPhone app. I didn’t report it then, but I guess I should have since you have now also experienced the same thing. Wonder if it’s happened to anyone else?

I’m on a Gen 3, and when it happened to me on 8/9 I had the most recent app on my phone.


Thanks for the ping @Linn! Are all of you on Android?

(just seeing that @Linn is on iPhone)

Nope. I just went all Mac. iPad, iPhone, and iMac (but I doubt that the iMac matters. It was the web interface)


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It does look like your schedule was stopped after 18 minutes, but the engineering team is not seeing any outside action (like you suggested). This is a Gen 1 controller and I do know the firmware is very different from our newer controllers, but still does not explain the behavior since we have many of these in the field.

If you want to troubleshoot further PM me and the next time you start a schedule I can have the engineering team actively monitor the controller logs.

Thanks for your patience!


@franz thanks! No need for now. I’ll just watch it.