What access to I give sprinkler repair company?


I see there is both “complete access” and “limited access”. Is limited access good enough to give to a sprinkler service company? Say I want someone to come out and check all the heads, etc.? My Rachio arrives today. Can’t wait to set it up and start using it!




Limited access is what I would start with. They don’t even need to install the native app, it’s basically a web based remote for the controller.

If you have a dedicated service company, shared access might be better since it doesn’t expire and gives them access to modify schedules, etc. if that’s what you need.




You say they don’t need to install the native app? When I email them the “access”, does that email give them a link or something to access it via the web? I looked at the link, and I see how to send access, but I was wondering how that works on the receiver end. I guess I could try it out and send a request to my wife :slight_smile:


Yes, a link they just click on that expires after a certain amount of time.