What about trimming?

What do you guys use to maintain your garden or yard? I think that an electric trimmer is a good choice for most yard all over the place and that is why I want to get one because I really don’t need a lawn mower for my size of the yard. But, I am not sure which one to use because I have read on the weed eater hero blog that there are corded and battery operated ones. Which one is better in your opinion?

Trimmers are useful for their intended function, touchup. For actually cutting the grass, have you ever considered a manual (push) type of lawn mower (like this)? It has several advantages for the smaller lawns like yours.

  1. Quiet
  2. Cordless / gasless (no need for batteries either)
  3. Pretty small when hanging on the wall hook
  4. Can find a practically new one very cheap on craigslist (you can usually have a whole set, inc. basket & blade sharpener, for less than $30 if you are patient)
  5. It will provide a more consistent look / cut height
  6. You will tire less compared to holding a trimmer while cutting your lawn