We're having trouble getting your account information

Has anyone seen the message below while trying to log into the app

“We’re having trouble getting your account information”

I noticed my controller was lit in Blue and Red hence tried to log in and got the above message.

@michaelnazareth - I just signed out and signed back in to my account with no issues is your Rachio app are up to date also can you try to close the app and signed back in

I cannot sign in or out - When I launch the app I got the above.

Di you try to force close and reopen YOUR RACHIO app. … try uninstalling THE RACHIO app from your device and then reinstalling.

I tried connecting from various devices - I get the same error.

Have you seen this before?

Weird I have seen this before only when the system it’s being maintenance. on my iOS devices I have no issues to sign back in to my account paging @zachio

I tried again and I am back in - everything seems to be working.

I think the issue was that the Site hosted by Rachio must have had issues and could not get my information…

It should have not worked for anyone at that time …waiting to hear back from support…