We're Going To Be On TV! 🎥


We’re excited to announce that Rachio will be featured on an episode of Military Makeover airing on Lifetime TV!

This special series enlists conscientious designers, contractors, landscapers and other home improvement professionals to transform the homes and lives of military families across the country.

This season features the Hixon Family. U.S. Navy veteran Chris Hixon ran unarmed toward the Marjory Stoneman Douglas freshman building on Feb. 14, 2018 to disarm an active shooter. The school athletic director was shot and killed while attempting to shield students from oncoming bullets. Hixon and 16 other MSD students and faculty members lost their lives in Parkland, Fla. that day.

We’re honored to be a part of a very special top-to-bottom renovation of the Hollywood, Fla., home that Chris and and his wife Debi shared for 28 years.

Our episode airs on Friday, March 13 at 7:30 a.m. on Lifetime and we’d be honored to have our Rachio family tune in to check it out and see some of the fun work we (and other amazing companies) were able to provide for Debbie and her family. If you miss the live episode, check us out on https://militarymakeover.tv/!

Lastly, be sure to give a shout out to @Johnny for being the face of Rachio in this episode. He’s very excited for his 15 minutes of fame!


Great episode - @Johnny did you turn on the sprinkler when the director were at front :joy:

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Thanks @Anthony! Unfortunately no, there was wet paint everywhere during shooting, but it was very tempting, haha!


Here’s our segment for anyone who missed it this morning :slight_smile: But definitely go watch the rest of the season at militarymakeover.tv, such a great renovation for such a deserving family!