(Went away) Blinking "Not Responding", "Connecting" and "Offline" in Google Assistant

My firmware is iro3-firmware-hk-5-632
I am connected on 2.4GHz band
RSSI is -51

The app works great. I setup the wifi and connected my Rachio3.
I am able to turn on/off all zones and run schedules.

But, Google Assistant is no go.
Initially, I went into Home app, and it found Rachio device right away.
I linked the account.
Rachio device shows up along with speakers and light switches.
But, when I click the device, I get a screen with a play triangle button in the middle,
Above it, there is a name of my device with alternating “Not Responding” and “Connecting” subtitle.
Bellow, alternating “Offline” and “Stopped” subtitles.

The biggest problem is voice commands don’t work. Every valid command returns “Sorry, Rachio is not available”

I tried to Unlink , but all I see in the list to unlink is Assistant (4 Devices). I tried to “unlink” that, but nothing changed, Rachio is still listed. As a matter of fact, I don’t see Rachio listed in Manage Accounts! Could that be the problem ?

All of my light switches work fine with google assistant, btw.

Any suggestions ?


I’m having this exact issue as well.

Well, now I checked and the blinking stopped. And the voice commands work.
Also, on “unlink” page, I can see Rachio option.
Maybe there was some server problem on Rachio site ?
Or maybe the phone needed to be rebooted a few times (once didn’t help).

Now if only I could tell it to water for more then 3min.

What did you do to stop the blinking. Mine says “Not responding” at the top. Tries to connect. Blinks from Offiline to Stopped. Again, I can do everything fine in the app just not Google home. I’ve unliked and linked a couple times to no avail.

I wish I knew. I just stopped trying to fix it for a couple of days.
In the mean time, my phone crashed and rebooted itself.
Then I check Assistant’s Rachio page and it’s on "Stopped’ screen, and not blinking.

Did you just installed the app recently ? Maybe it needs time to soak in and take roots :slight_smile: ?

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