Well pump interface

I use a surface well for irrigation. In the spring the well has plenty of water. However in the summer I have to use the delay function to complete the sprinkling cycle and I don’t know if the delay is enough time.

I want to integrate a pressure switch into the system so that when the pump stops due to running out of water the time is stopped until the well refills. This way I will know that I am getting all my zones irrigated.

Is there a way to accomplish this with your system

Hey @ajboniface-

While we don’t have something this intelligent, we do offer delay between zones, which may be a safe bet for making sure you don’t burn your pump out. It may be a bit of overkill, but I think it may get the job done. Hope that helps.

McKynzee :rachio:

Perhaps a concept of having a float sensor connected to an unused sensor terminal. It would enact a “pause” function rather than a skip to allow the spring to fill back up before continuing the schedule. Though if it takes too long, perhaps some specified amount of time, the remainder of the schedule would be skipped.


@ajboniface - the only thought that came to my mind would be the pressure switch that maybe has some contacts that could be used to connect to an internet device (FKA Wemo Maker) that could be used with an IFTTT recipe to pause the schedule and then resume when the pressure returned.

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Thanks for the responses.

McKynzee I already have a float switch on the well so no worries about the pump burning out.

My current controller has a delay between zones and I am looking for a smarter solution.

The pause idea is exactly what I am looking to accomplish. Maybe I could use the wireless flow meter to be the trigger for the pause. Pump runs out of water, Flow stops, Zone pauses. Well is refilled pump starts flow starts Zone is unpaused

I am looking for a turnkey solution or as close as I can get to one. I would think that anyone using a well has my problem from time to time. I am dimly aware of IFTTT but the last programing I did was many moons ago.