Well pressure/zones question

Hi everyone! I’m planning on getting a Rachio for the HomeKit compatibility but have a quick question about my setup first. I have an irrigation well with manual valves currently. Planning on replacing the manual valves with automatic ones, running the wires back to the Rachio, connect it to a well pump relay, and should be in business.

My only uncertainty is that the well with a 2hp motor, there is plenty of pressure to drive multiple open valves in the current setup. I’ve read that the Rachio 3 has enough power for 3 solenoids, but the well pump relay would be one, and presumably with a strong well pump I would want to turn on the water hammer feature, which would take the 2nd? Should I be worried about running the well’s full pressure through one zone at a time? Or would I be safe to wire two valves together and skipping the water hammer feature?

Thank you!

@lrmahmood - Correct in that three valves will be the pump start relay, ending zone and beginning zone (when the reduce water hammer option is enabled).

There are too many variables to comment on regarding the questions on too much pressure or wiring two zones together -> size of pipe, size of pump (GPH, not the motor), is there a pressure regulator, etc., etc. I’d KISS it - Keep It Simple, S***** and just wire one solenoid to a zone, turn on water hammer and use a pump start relay.

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