Welcome the Rachio Community n00bs!

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but we have had a few new Rachio helpers popping up on posts lately! As our Community grows, and our fantastic users come up with more great feature requests and interesting support questions, I have recruited some backup to make sure every post gets the attention it deserves!

@mitchell, @kpontis, and @JBubb are all members of the Rachio support team that will be helping with posts and joining in on the conversations. With this, I also added the ability to tag our entire support team by using @Support so you can make sure to get support related requests answered quickly.

Give them a warm welcome, be gentle, and happy posting :wink:!



Welcome @rachiosupport, hope you have your HomeKit responses ready


Poor @rachiosupport team seems to miss the nice Rachio logo next to their avatar.

Also it seems to take unnecessarily long auto suggest @rachiosupport (you have to type in “@rachios” before the group shows up within suggestions).

Lets show the team some love :wink:



@Gene That logo is reserved for Power Users- they need to earn their keep before getting that honor :smile:

Changed it to @Support, that’s easier!