Weird Question, re-purpose old rachio for indoor use?

Is there a way to re-purpose an old rachio for indoor use?

Suppose I just want to do manual schedule to put some water into some pots for plants?

Does this make sense?

I have a hose outlet in a “summer room”

What would I need to set this up?

And instead of sprinklers how would I get water into pots for plants.

Or is this completely not the way to do this?

Why not.

Start ghetto. Buy a valve from Home Depot, glue a spill cock receptacle to it. Connect a drip tube to it, bingo bango. You probably don’t want to use a flex schedule.

What might be fun to simulate flex, have an emitter drip into a rain sensor so that a schedule that runs everyday,will,be skipped until the sensor dries out.

I’ll try to post links to products later.

That will get you started in the think tank.


Oops, should have posted instead of edit. All of that can be purchased at Home Depot.

Should be a fun project to ease into.

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Or it can be used with a kegerator :wink:



@plainsane Awesome thanks!

Do you mean Spill cock? or sillcock from amazon?

sillcockenter link description here

Hahahaha yea, spellcheck to the rescue, am I right?