WebHook no longer being called by Rachio

I have an application that has been in use now for several years. It depends on getting webhook callbacks from the Rachio Cloud so it can detect when zone watering starts and stops.

It has been working fine for a long time, but it no longer seems to work. I register my webhook URL when the application starts and subscribe to the ZONE_STATUS, DEVICE_STATUS, and DELTA topics.

I test it by going to the Rachio app on my iPhone, and doing a quick run on a zone. The zone starts and stops just fine, and I get the notification messages of such on my iPhone. But my webhook URL is never called.

Has something changed recently that I need to be aware of ? Do I need to change my application code in some way?

Is there any access to any diagnostic information in the Rachio Cloud that I could check to help diagnose this problem?

I had an issue with the Rachio app integration in a home automation system. I would get a message on my phone that the system started from Rachio, but the automation system wouldn’t show any change unless I did a manual refresh. So I had to write a rule to poll the Rachio controller ever minute to make sure it was updating.

I too wonder if something has changed.

Today I tested the Rachio webhook callback mechanism independently from my application using the webhook.site test site. It worked fine. So I went back and tested my application, and I am getting the webhook callback there just fine. So I do not know what was going on yesterday. Very strange. Must have been something on my end, but what I do not know!

Sunspots I guess. :slight_smile: