Webapp soil moisture graph now displays forecasted data

This is pretty cool, we can now show exactly why a flex schedule is going to run, or not run.

According to flex, my schedule is not supposed to run until July 19th, so why is that? The calendar view doesn’t give you the why, it’s binary, is flex running or not.

Looking at this graph, you can see that I start to trend down towards watering, but then on the 13th-15th we are forecasted to get over 1 inch more of rain. Are we in Seattle? On the 19th we finally are depleted and watering occurs.

Note that this is a forecast, but flex will self correct every day since it works off of past observations and a 1 day forecast.



Thanks for the flexparency

@franz two things. As of now I still only see today listed as forecasted. I’m assuming you haven’t pushed this feature out? Second, I presently have July 9: Forecasted: Precipitation=0.75", but there has been no accumulation local (I am using a local PWS). Are forecasted data from other national weather bureaus?

Today is always forecasted, until tomorrow.

Forecasting uses PWS, but ultimately I’m assuming radar, etc. from national weather.

And all this time i thought you were using a Flexcapasitor LOL :joy:

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Just out of curiosity, does it switch from forecast to actual precip at midnight local or when? I’m wondering because it’s planning to run a flex cycle tomorrow morning based on an updated forecast of .03 inches but we actually got like .75 today.

Very nice… thanks!

I thought so, too. Click the arrow buttons to see the coming weeks. :slight_smile:

This is outstanding @franz !!! Now I can actually understand what Flex is doing… I Think! LOL Any possible way to add a Full Screen option to the Moisture Level window to have the ability to see all of the info across. I am only able to see the entire window if I use Enter Full Screen on Chrome while using my MacBook Air.

How or when are the charts refreshed?
My PWS weather map shows 100 precipitation and the chart shows 0 forecast. Is that data from yesterdays forecast?

Shouldn’t the previous moisture balance for July 11 read “.27 in” and not “0.08 in”? This is from my Iro. Thanks.

@1995hokie Thanks for this, I have the development team reviewing :wink:


@1995hokie Ok, hopefully this is fixed now, my chart is looking a lot better.

Thanks @tburch and @Dan for making this look much better :wink:


Shouldn’t the moisture levels for a fixed schedule show the scheduled watering and predict the moisture level? For mine, fixed schedule levels go flat in the future and stay that way. No watering is shown for the future.

Mine looks great now too. Watering is pushed from 7/12 to 7/21 with the fix. :grinning:

That graph is not incorporated into fixed schedules yet.

It would really be nice if the fixed schedule irrigation was included in the forecast on the moisture charts. Two reasons for this:

  1. When setting up a fixed schedule it would give you a better idea of what the parameters should be. Now you try something and wait a few cycles to see what the graph did look like. I have to use fixed schedule for grass because of local watering day restrictions.

  2. Sometimes it makes sense to mix fixed and flex schedules. I have a garden on a flex schedule. We just cycled out the annuals and need to water them for a short cycle daily. I left the flex schedule in place to be sure that the rest of the plants got sufficient watering. The “past” cycles show the effect of the fixed daily watering but the future predictions do not. Not very consistent nor useful. Of course, once the watering in period is done things will be back to normal.