Webapp free for ever?

Is there any disclaimer about the use of the web app? Will the app be free for ever? I couldn’t find this info in the help center…

@paguayo - forever is a very long time. Remember the James Bond movie - Never say never again.

Anyway I digress. You can find posts where Rachio reports significant funding from Amazon (this year) and where they don’t have intentions of charging for current functionality. That said, things change, business evolve, businesses get bought and business model change - see Weather Underground and IBM as an example.

I wouldn’t let this be a deal breaker for you. Install a Rachio and probably start saving money versus the previously installed controller. If in the future things change, take the money saved and change or do a cost/benefit analysis of staying. Money saved today is more valuable than money saved in year.

I already have one installed since a year ago and it is great it really helps to save money. To me the app is not an issue. But we have a customer who is asking us to install rachio in many places and they will use the Webapp to monitor their gardens. They are worry about their operational cost…they don’t want to have a surprise next year…because they don’t belive in free stuffs

@Dan might disagree with me (he is the lead webapp engineer) :wink:, but we currently have no plans for monthly software charges.