Webapp (desktop) not displaying days correctly

Hey folks, relatively new user here (and really impressed so far!) I’ve noticed something that I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if there’s a setting I may be overlooking. But take a look at my two screenshots below. One shows what I see when I log into the Rachio app on my desktop computer through a browser and the other shows me logged into the same controller via my iPhone/Rachio iOS app.

Notice the very top row in both screenshots: a list of days with weather graphics, high/low temps, etc. On the desktop/web interface, the days are out of order (for reference, it’s Wednesday, 8/17 when I took the screenshot). But on the phone app, the days are sorted correctly. Anyone else having this problem when they log into the app through their browser? Makes the experience a little confusing.

Known issue that has been brought up numerous times on the forum. Will it be fixed in the web UI? Who knows. Rachio had planned to sunset the web UI, but I’m not sure if the community support behind keeping it is/was enough…

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Thanks @tmcgahey - sorry I missed it in my initial searches, but thanks for the prompt reply and info!