Web site Weather Intelligence Plus day display?

I’m looking at the app.rachi.io web site for my device (Generation 2 8 Zone), and on the web page I see this:

Today is Friday April 26.

What does that top row mean?

Are those days in May? But why it Sat and Sun separated by two days?

Can anyone enlighten me on what it means?


Web site is no longer supported/updated. Use the Rachio app.

Really? Wow. How do I control it on my Mac then?

I use my phone 99% of the time. Not everyone actually seems the dates displaying out of order and believe the rest of the website still functions

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If the web site is deprecated, I’m not sure why the app would not be configured to be usable on macOS, which I believe is now possible, so at least that would be a possible avenue. I use my Mac 90% of the time, I only use the phone for quick runs when I am in the garden testing stuff.