Web Site lag

Are there any plans to addess the lag in entering schedule values? I have to click multiple times to select a schedule and then, once a schedule finally comes up for editing, clicking the different widgets (like the plus to add time or carat to select a value for editing) is excruciatingly slow – many clicks are missed.

Update to this… I could easily modify and create schedules on my phone – great responsiveness. The website is the sloooow one.

Hey Max-
Do you mind letting me know what browser and operating system you are using? Another idea would be trying to run the app in incognito or private mode and seeing if it runs better. While editing the schedules is usually a little slower than the rest of the web app, it shouldn’t be running that much slower!
McKynzee :rachio:

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Chrome/Windows 10

Have CAT 6 /100Mb+ connection. i7 with SSD computer

It’s excrutiating

Phone is on the same network/ wifi

@voigtritter Did you try running in incognito on chrome? That’s very strange, can you give me an estimate on load time? Just trying to get all the details!

Load time no problem

Select a schedule - 5 sec
Hit the Zones hyperlink - many times misses the clicks
Hit the Durations - the +/- buttons work randomly - if I go out and go in, need to click the durations hyperlink a number of times to get the popup up
Many times it does not save the settings If I set them

Just to help with diagnostics, I’m running Chrome on Windows 7 (I know!!!) and don’t have any problems with response time on the web app. It’s about the same speed as my phone. None of the problems that @voigtritter is seeing. Since no one else is repsponding to this thread with the same problem, I wonder if it is something specific to @voigtritter’s PC/wifi connection?