Web app/IOS app not functioning the same

I tried to change a couple of my watering schedules to add/remove some zones. When I tried to do it from the web app, I could not uncheck nor uncheck any of the zones. It was as if I was doing nothing at all. So I gave up, went to the IOS app, and could do everything just fine. Seems to me that the web app might be broken in this area, because I seem to remember having it work last year — either way, they should function the same.

Hey @Linn-

This is a known defect- it is affecting schedule creation as well :sweat:

Our development team is aware and it is on our list of things to fix. I apologize for the convenience this may cause!

McKynzee :rachio:

I had a similar problem. Just kept going back to the web page and “eventually” it let me uncheck some zones and create a new schedule for those. I even tried different web browsers. My main browser is Chrome and finally got it to work. Sounds like a known issues.

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Might be useful to have “known” bugs listed somewhere (maybe is and I don’t just don’t know where) and work arounds.

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No great place right now, but I agree that it would be a useful thing to have! I’ll see what I can do.

Does the forum software allow you to do a pinned post that is only visible when looking at the support threads category? At least then it wouldn’t clutter up the top when looking at other (or all) categories.

Oh that would be perfect. I can absolutely do that @scorp508

We bought the new Gen 2 and I am currently programming all the zones. I had the same problem as noted above with Chrome. So I tried Firefox and it worked great for the first few changes. But then it kacked; the edit schedule screen froze. Also, changes made to an existing schedule, e.g., adding a day to a fixed day schedule did not save. Also it added days that I did not click. I started to write down the errors to send to tech support, but they were intermittent and inconsistent. I went back to iPhone and finished scheduling. I would prefer to use the PC rather than doing all but minor adjustments on the iPhone. Hope tech support can fix this bug.