Web App and seeing how much is being watered per zone

I’ve noticed on the web app it doesn’t show me the breakdown between zones on the schedule. In the mobile app, it’ll show me that zone 1 is watering for X minutes and zone 2 is watering for Y minutes during the same run. In the picture attached, there are 2 zones running on the 6th, but I can’t find out how many minutes zone 1 runs vs zone 2. I have to go on the mobile app to see.

The new web app actually does show this. Click on the day of the week you want to see. Then click on the arrow next to the schedule you want to see. An Edit Schedule screen will pop up. Click on the durations arrow. You will now see the watering times by zone.


This doesn’t actually show what you are mentioning. This only shows the TOTAL watering to bring the bucket back to full. Its NOT showing the zones and or times that will go on that particular day.

This honestly should be swapped over to a enhancement request!