Weathersnoop questions

Hi all.

I have questions about weathersnoop.

Do I use this to get access to local Wunderground stations ?

I need a mac for their software/ program which I have but does it have to be on for the weather to update?

Do you just pay a one off fee. In australia it’s $88 or something. Crazy as I just paid heaps for the rachio. The closest station it can see is 8 klm away.


Yes, it can be used to access WU.


That’s strange, on the website it is $19.99…?

Did you try enabling PWS on our weather station chooser? If you haven’t, there could be a lot of closer stations.

We also support Netatmo out of the box with (our current provider)

Once our new software platform is released this year, we want to grow our PWS footprint :wink:

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks and have a great day.