Weather stations Melbourne Australia

Looking at buying the rachio.
Could you tell me were the closest weather station it would use
Im in Australia sunbury melbourne victoria.


Hey @Selfcontrol!
So I changed my controller to Sunbury, and these are the national weather stations that are available to you:

Unfortunately, we have issues with international weather stations because they do not record precipitation, which is why you have those warnings below each of the stations. I enabled personal weather stations, which expanded your options to this:

We always warn users that personal weather stations can be inaccurate if they aren’t installed or maintained correctly, so you should always check the data to see if it makes sense. If you would like to ensure that one of those stations is receiving good data, I posted the links below! Just click on them, and see if the reported weather aligns with what you have been experiencing in your area. Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you!


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