Weather Station Selection (Law of averages)

Straight forward here. I really like the ability of choosing my weather station in the way you have set it up, but as to your own information stating the potential of unreliable data from these weather stations, I think the next logical step is to allow multiple stations to be selected and averaged before the data is imported into the scheduling engine.

With the law of averages, if one station has bad data, the combined data from multiple station would not allow the one station to as readily negatively affect the schedule.


Odd, I was just about to post this. You beat me by 30 minutes. My nearest weather station is like 15 miles away. I don’t like that accuracy. I’ve got half dozen PWS within 2 mile radius. Why not allow an average of them to form a somewhat reliable and trustworthy measurement?

In addition, it’d be nice to see what the current/historic data is showing - rain, humidity, etc.

Thanks @ETIrrigation. Great suggestion. I’m not sure exactly how’d we do this, but we’ll discuss.

Have a great week!

Couldn’t you just take the values and run averages for humidity, rain fall, etc then create a zip code PWS value? It would take some data aggregation, but wouldn’t be difficult since it’s all just simple math.

@Hilbe I believe zip code areas, in parts of the country, would be way to large of area. Good weather data is for areas of 2 square kilometers. Rainfall needs to be as close to the actual site as possible. Keep us filled in @benblackmer, feel free to bounce ideas my way.


Yes, I agree. Rainfall where I live, and likely where any mountains are, is very localized. a couple square miles max.

Fair arguments. Could we just have them drop a pin on google maps and let us pick the radius from our location to include all PWS within that range?