Weather Station Questions

I’ve read as much of the support material as I can find and I’m still unsure of what the best decision is here. The closest NON-PWS station to my home is over 16 miles and basically at the jersey shore. The weather from where I live to there varies greatly. Turns out there is a station basically down the road from my home (MID_NJ34), but I can’t seem to get any information about it. I’ve tried this, replacing the MID_ for just the NJ34 at the end of the URL, but it brings me a to a page where my town is not listed at all (Hammonton, NJ).

PWS Sites

Non PWS Sites

The data seems close to what I see in the Rachio dashboard, but how can I know better?


Good question, I couldn’t find that site either. I’m going to open a ticket with our weather provider (Aeris) and will let you know what I find. Curious now :wink:


Thanks - will be curious to see what you can find! :satellite:

Ok, good stuff.

The station is part of the Rutgers NJ NET network

You can also find data from the station on NOAA here:


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More information on how to find the data…

Most but not all stations that have a MID_ prefix will be available on the mesowest site I provided.

stations that start with PWS_xxxx will normally be available via


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I’ve updated our support site document, did not know about MesoWest.


That’s awesome! Good researching! Even better because I happen to be a Rutgers Alumn haha. Based on your findings, do you think it looks like a reliable PWS to base my Rachio Sprinkler Controller off of?

As far as I know stations in the MesoWest network are reliable.


Just for fun and since it seems to be so close to my home, I decided to google map - look it up.

Then I found on Rutgers Website:

So I guess if it’s ever on the fritz I’ll take a walk over and see if I can get the owners to fix it! :joy:


You might have one of the best PWS hookups around. That thing looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. If that doesn’t provide accurate data something horribly wrong.